Toto kikoi woven wraps These are wrap-around baby carriers. Made out of kikoi , Non stretch 100 % Mercerized cotton . Look: lovely colours, nice and bright. colourful, alluring and comfortable. Perfect Wrap For Beginner wrapees. Cool and and snug even in a multiple layered carries. The colours stay fast ,are more brilliant and there is minimum Shrinkage. Wear: very lightweight, easy to tie, straps are easy made thin .Moulds easily as the fabric is so flexible, supportive for a newborn and baby can Grow with it into Toddlerstage. Its great for newborn Front carry , Kangaroo care ,Hip carry as well as various Back /rucksack carries of small babies and toddlers too. Its easy to adjust the wrap and breastfeed the baby . Wash: Washes nice and easy in the machine, softens very quickly Weave: A plain weave but tightly woven giving it strength and durability. Are thin and thus a great Summer Wrap baby carrier ! Kikoi wraps have no cush! It feels great in a Double layered carries. These Wovens are thin & Breathable, Very nice in a Multi -layered carry which helps the wearer be more comfy while carrying their loved totos for a Length of time while it still feels like there is No ton of fabric between the wrapee and the baby.

2 thoughts on “Jambo!”

  1. Hi there,

    Do you know how I would go about buying a toto wrap and having it shipped to the US for me? I’m in Seattle Wa.


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