Toto Ring Sling Angaza


About Angaza

Angaza is a Kiswahili word meaning ‘shine bright in the light’.  This Kikoy colorway shines across, illuminating its bright colors for all to see.  The warm bright color is bound to be loved by many baby wearers

Toto Ring Slings

The Toto Wraps ring slings are made from the traditional Kikoy, Kitenge, and Denim fabrics.  Famous African fabrics for their versatility and vibrant colours, your Toto Sling is guaranteed to be an original and eye-catching.  Ring Slings are versatile and are great for quick carry solution.   It requires no wrapping and can be used from newborn through to toddler stage and beyond.   There are three safe positions when using a Ring Sling.  Front carry, Hip Carry and Back Carry.  The sling also features a pocket for your phone, keys, and even baby toys or snacks.  We use only industry standard rings from which are all lead free, seamless aluminum, and safe for baby wearing without any welds that would damage your sling.  The Toto Ring Slings help one to carry in style as well as enjoy having a quick go to carrier while on the move!  It’s a must have baby carrier for your stash and well loved by experienced and novice babywearers alike.   Each and every Toto Sling comes with a written manual plus a free branded carrier bag.