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Toto Distributor: Marsupial Mamas, LLC

Marsupial Mamas, LLC has been in business for a little over two years. In the fall of 2011, I bought the store from Suzanne Baker, the previous owner. I had just finished my PhD and had had my third son. And although I continued to teach on a part-time basis, I had become a bit jaded about continuing on with my career in academia.

When the opportunity arose to buy Marsupial Mamas, I went back and forth over whether it was the right decision (God love Suze for her patience). I finally decided to take the leap hoping that it would allow me to be at home with my boys while still doing a job I loved.

The first six months of ownership have been wonderful, crazy, and busy. Our little store has grown by leaps and bounds and we are so grateful for our customers who have made such growth possible and who have been patient with me as I get a hang of this ECommerce thing. I love what I do. There’s no other way to explain it. I love everything about the store, my customers, the product, and the vendors. It’s nothing short of a dream come true.

We had our first son in 2005. We were introduced to babywearing by a family member before our son was born by a dear family friend. The idea of a woven wrap was a bit daunting (but I loved fondling the textiles!), so David and I found a stretchy wrap and were anticipating using it when our son was born. Our first son arrived six weeks early and although he was the biggest baby in the NICU, he was so small. When we finally brought him home, we tried wrapping him with the stretchy wrap and we almost dropped him. It scared us off from wraps. And now this is the part of the story where I do the walk of shame. We bought a Bjorn. Yes, yes, we carried our baby in a Bjorn. I found the Bjorn uncomfortable and awkward, so I started digging around on the Internet and found a small WAHM business called Ergo making ergonomically correct baby carriers. I ordered one without hesitation. David and I primarily used the Ergo for two years. I did not revisit wrapping until my oldest was two years old. By that time, the “new parent” anxiety had worn off. We were able to get in some good wrapping time, I was also pregnant at that time and was looking forward to wrapping our newest squish.

When my second son was born, we spent a lot of time wrapping. It was wonderful! My husband still used the Ergo (I think he also used a Bjorn as well, but hid it from me, lest he be on the receiving end of the positioning lecture). My second son is almost four and rarely asks to “go uppy” these days, but I treasure the time we had wrapping.

When our third son was born in the summer of 2011, it was a full out babywearing extravaganza. My husband would look at my stash and sigh. At some point, he stopped looking. He suggested I open up an online store to turn my habit into something productive. It was around that time that the opportunity to buy Marsupial Mamas fell into my lap.

The rest is history.


Toto kikoi woven wraps These are wrap-around baby carriers. Made out of kikoi , Non stretch 100 % Mercerized cotton . Look: lovely colours, nice and bright. colourful, alluring and comfortable. Perfect Wrap For Beginner wrapees. Cool and and snug even in a multiple layered carries. The colours stay fast ,are more brilliant and there is minimum Shrinkage. Wear: very lightweight, easy to tie, straps are easy made thin .Moulds easily as the fabric is so flexible, supportive for a newborn and baby can Grow with it into Toddlerstage. Its great for newborn Front carry , Kangaroo care ,Hip carry as well as various Back /rucksack carries of small babies and toddlers too. Its easy to adjust the wrap and breastfeed the baby . Wash: Washes nice and easy in the machine, softens very quickly Weave: A plain weave but tightly woven giving it strength and durability. Are thin and thus a great Summer Wrap baby carrier ! Kikoi wraps have no cush! It feels great in a Double layered carries. These Wovens are thin & Breathable, Very nice in a Multi -layered carry which helps the wearer be more comfy while carrying their loved totos for a Length of time while it still feels like there is No ton of fabric between the wrapee and the baby.