Ring Slings

Toto Ring Slings

The Toto Wraps ring slings are made from the traditional Kikoy, Kitenge, and Denim Chambray fabrics.   We feature Ring Slings made with African fabrics famous for their versatility and vibrant colours . Ring Slings are versatile and are great for quick carry solution for tiny babies up to toddlers.  The ring sling is a great carrier for quick carries as it requires no wrapping! Able to be used from newborns around eight pounds through to toddler stage and beyond up to 35 pounds.  The Ring Sling features three positions, front carry, hip carry and an advanced back carry.  The rings Slings helps one to carry in style as well as enjoy having a quick go to carrier while on the move!  All Toto Slings use the industry standard aluminum rings from SlingRings.com, renowned for  high quality lead free babywearing rings from Arizona in the United States.

The Ring Sling is a must have baby carrier and all people love them, including fathers!!  Each and every Toto Sling comes with a written manual and a free branded carrier bag.

Kubeba watoto ni mila na utamaduni wetu: Every where the babies are carried every time

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