Stretchy Wraps

Stretchy Toto Wraps

Made of interlocked knit jersey, the stretchy wrap around baby carriers, make a great gateway wrap to carry your newborn in the front carry.  Great for Kangaroo care of preemie babies too, the stretchy wrap is ultra-breathable, stretchy soft jersey cotton that provides that essential close contact you and your baby desire in the very first few days and months.  The stretch is just the right amount and hugs you & baby perfectly, feeling like a second skin.  Securely holds and softly hugs your baby close keeping the baby snug, safe, relaxed, and well supported.  The stretchy wrap allows the wearer to easily put the baby in a pre-wrapped pocket wrap carry and adjust for a snug fit in an ergonomic position.   It is recommended that babies are in an M-shaped spread squat position for optimal positioning.   Suitable for weights as low as 3kg up to 13kgs (+-2 kgs), a great wrap for the first year.

The stretchy wraps come in various themes:

The Safari theme features an animal screen print at the centre for an African flair.  Another style features a decorative Panel.  The Panel Stretchy Wrap features a beautiful fabric panel in the centre front, this feature also adds a little extra support for your little one.   Basic themed stretchy wraps feature a monochrome colour.  The easiest way to tell that your baby has out grown a stretchy wrap and it’s time to graduate into a woven wrap is when the baby starts to sag.  Usually this occurs when baby attains the 13kgs weight limit mark.  One size fits most.

Standard size 6. (5 metres)

Kubeba watoto ni mila na utamaduni wetu: Every where the babies are carried every time

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