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African Proverb says, ”Teach a woman how to fish, and she will feed the entire community”

Toto is from a Kiswahili word Mtoto that refers to a Baby.  Toto Wrap therefore means a Baby Wrap.  In our tradition and culture, Carrying a baby is the norm of the day. Everywhere , everyday babies are carried.  It’s never an extraordinary event.  Carrying a baby locally is mostly done using a piece of cloth known as Leso or Kanga.  Having leso carried my siblings as well as my auntie’s kids in my younger years we can only be more than thrilled to carry on the tradition and match it to meet the

needs of the modern parent.

The idea of making and selling wraps and slings was initially triggered when a local friend sent my way a free sling baby carrier to help me carry my then newborn who was suffering from hernia and extreme crankiness.   A year later, I realized the need to start a baby carrier line right here in Kenya.  It began by gradually sampling and testing out various stretchy fabrics and later the non-stretchy woven Kikoy wraps.  With the support of family and friends, Toto Wraps was conceived.

Great interest and love for carrying babies has been our greatest drive.  It is our mission to introduce and educate more mothers on the benefits of carrying a baby for functionality.  Now as a family run business, we are focused and consistently motivated in sharing info on the benefits of correct positioning and safe babywearing within our sphere.  Sharing our African culture and tradition of carrying babies is the heart of our mission.  Taking this identifiable, relatable, natural act and incorporating new styles as well as modern designs to create a more comfortable, ergonomic, unique, and safe baby carrier that suits a modern mama and baby (Toto) within the international standards!  This is Toto Wraps.

Whenever you purchase a Toto Wraps or Toto Sling baby carrier, you support a small business.  We are fair trade and highly appreciate  the hands that make our baby wraps and the time they spend in the workshop putting it all together.

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  1. Hello,love your site …i am a new mother in Nairobi and interested in the ring sling as well as the wrap ….kindly do advice me on which one is best for a 4 weeks baby as well as the price and where to pick them up.

    Mama Halima


  2. Good day

    I would like a wrap for my baby. Do you have beige or grey colors for the wrap and do you deliver home? How much will it cost?

    Thank you


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Kubeba watoto ni mila na utamaduni wetu: Every where the babies are carried every time

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