Woven Wraps

Toto Kikoy Woven Wraps
These are wrap-around baby carriers. Machine woven in East Africa, Kikoy is a non-stretch, 100 % Mercerized cotton wrap. Patterned in lovely colours, nice and bright. The colours stay fast ,are more brilliant and there is minimum Shrinkage. Colourful, alluring, and comfortable kikoy is the perfect wrap For beginner babywearers. Cool and and snug even in a multiple layered carries.

Kikoy is very lightweight, easy to tie, with deep tapers to assist with tying. The fabric is so flexible and supportive our wraps grow from newborn and grow with your baby into the toddler stage.

Great for newborn front carries including front cross carry and front wrap cross carry, Kangaroo care, Hip carries, as well as various back carries including the rucksack carries of small babies and toddlers.

Breastfeeding in our wraps is easy, simply adjust the slipknot and position your child for nursing. Easy to care for, Toto Wraps are machine washable and dry. Our wraps soften very quickly and do not require extended wear to break in.

The weave is simple, but tightly woven giving it strength and durability for your growing toddler. Thin and airy, Toto Kikoy makes an excellent summer wrap in hot or humid climates. Kikoy wraps have no extra heat retention and thus feels great in multiple layered carries. These wovens are thin & breathable, keeping the wearer comfortable while carrying their loved totos for any length of time. There is no feeling of hot, heavy, extra fabric to weigh the wearer down or insulate heat.

Kubeba watoto ni mila na utamaduni wetu: Every where the babies are carried every time

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